Well, it's been a year.....

It's been a year.......a year of fun and a year of learning.... a lot of learning.  We have recently completed our 31st event!  In the last year we have done twelve birthday parties ( 4 - Sweet Sixteenth, 3 - Fabulous Forties,  2 - Thrilling Thirteenths, 2 - Fun Fourteens and 1 - Sassy Seventeenth).  Six corporate events, four of which were Christmas/Holiday Parties.  Four graduation parties,  two baby showers, one homecoming dance and one cheer party!  With a whopping total of 11,189 photos.  Whew ...... that was a lot of FUN!  

It's also been a year of learning,  and I have learned a lot over the past year. I have learned that everyone likes a photo booth, especially after a few drinks, but teenage girls LOVE a photo booth....anytime!   I have learned that graphic design is time consuming and Photoshop is not  my friend. I have learned that I needed to have spare parts on hand AT ALL TIMES.  I have learned that I need to be and STAY as organized as possible, in order for things to run smoothly.  I have learned that no matter how much planning and preparation that you have invested into something, it doesn't always work out the way you planned.  Sometimes it's worse, BUT sometimes it's better, WAY better.  I have learned that things don't always have to be perfect, my self included.  But most importantly I have learned that I have some pretty amazing friends (old and new) and family that have helped to make this first year of FIRSTS, one to be thankful for!  I am very blessed and would not be where I am today if it wasn't for them.  

In honor of our 1st Anniversary which was yesterday  June 15th any events booked during the month of June will be 10% off.  These events can be booked for any available day in the remainder of this year.  I will also now be giving a $50 credit for each booking client that you refer.  AND.....saved the best for last.....because it's my client's who are responsible for our continued success..... any repeat clients booking another event with us (booked in June - scheduled before December) will receive 15% off !!!  I am truly thankful and blessed to have met each and everyone of you over the past year, and I thank you for having Outta The Box at your events!


Outta The Box Photo Booth | New Website |Photo Booth Rental in Saint Cloud |

Welcome to our all new website for our "No Booth" photo booth.  I guess there's no better place to start, than at the beginning....so here we go.

The All New Outta The Box Photo Booth Rental in Saint Cloud.

Last summer while perusing Pinterest for ideas for my daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party, all of these really cute ideas kept popping up for photo booths.  So as any overachieving mother would do, I immediately Googled DIY photo booths, well after a couple of hours searching, I decided that was waaaayyyy more work than I was looking for.  Then I moved on to searching for photo booth rentals in my area.   While I was calling around to all of the companies that were in my area I noticed that none of these companies were actually "in" my area.  The closest one was actually 45 minutes away.  So after sharing all of this information with my husband, and explaining to him what a photo booth was and why it was soooo popular, he suggested we buy one.

The next few days were spent in deep and thorough research of the photo booth business and what kind of photo booth was best for us.  I stumbled across this video of this really neat looking kiosk type of booth that used a high quality camera gear and had studio quality lighting, the pictures from it were bright and clear and AWESOME!  The people in the video were laughing and  looked like they were having a fun.  One mouse click later and I was on this great site that sold this glamorous looking booth.  I loved the idea that there were no walls, no way to hide the fun.  Which is where the name "Outta The Box" came from.  

So here we are almost a year later, and although we are still learning our way, we continue to meet new and amazing friends with each new event.